Water Parks and Beach

Protections for amusement parks, water parks and beaches
Areas in close contact with water, such as beaches and swimming pools, can give rise to accidental slips or bumps.
It therefore becomes necessary to equip oneself with non-slip and draining pavements and of anti-trauma protections for chutes, girders, posts, support columns and hazards in general.

We make protections for amusement parks, theme parks, water parks and baby parks in compliance with current regulations and assuring the customer maximum effectiveness and an elegant, unobtrusive design.
The shock protectors are made of EVA, customizable in size and thickness, and available in many bright colors (red, green, yellow, blue, light blue, orange, black, white, gray, etc.). Suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

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Base protections

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Manhole protectors

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Playground protections

rubber flooring, anti-trauma flooring quadrio

Quadrio – Outdoor Flooring

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