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A history made of ideas

A patent for every security need

Codex Srl, which has been in operation for more than 45 years, specializes in the design, fabrication and installation of all-around Safety paddings in Italy and abroad. Through extensive studies in various fields (especially school and sports), we have designed and patented safety products that originally did not exist in the market. This is the case, for example, with the Cover for radiators for safety, of the puzzle mats, of the EVA shock protectors.

Providing endless solutions (including tailor-made) for securing indoor and outdoor spaces in schools, sports facilities, playgrounds and public areas, industries, cruise ships, hospitals, and hospitality facilities (both public and private).

Our commitment to quality is guaranteed by the numerous certifications and patents that accompany our accident prevention products. Safe and highly effective Codex Safety paddings are accompanied by test reports and meet CE standards.

All products, which are original and strictly “Made in Italy,” are the result of extensive studies, research and selection of high quality raw materials suitable to meet the different needs of customers.
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The sports environment, being dynamic and highly frequented, requires the presence of safety paddings designed to prevent unpleasant injuries.


We provide a wide range of impact protection and flooring to allow children to move and play safely. Suitable for both kindergartens and schools as well as playrooms and more.

Urban Furniture

We also pay attention to public spaces such as playgrounds and green areas that can sometimes present safety pitfalls, especially for children.

Our anti-trauma solutions

Recent news and projects

UNI EN 913 App.C standard for shock absorption

Knowing how to read the results of tests conducted according to UNI EN 913 App.C is essential, as all or almost all protective materials can be tested, despite their low effectiveness.

New funding for school construction

More than five billion for the construction and securing of kindergartens and preschools, building innovative and inclusive schools, increasing canteens, upgrading gymnasiums, and upgrading the school building stock.

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