Outdoor Rubber Flooring


Outdoor anti-trauma flooring

Our outdoor anti-trauma flooring, made with dovetail interlocking system (patented model), ensures a high standard of safety in case of accidental bumps and falls. They are the ideal solution for schools, amusement and playgrounds, gyms and sports facilities but also for private homes (terraces, gazebos, gardens).

SBR rubber granule pavements ensure maximum tightness between joints and easy and smooth installation on all types of subfloors, provided they are well leveled and compacted.

Draining: the special porous compound allows transpiration, and the mat is totally draining, even in heavy rains.
Soundproofing: the rubber granulate composition gives the flooring a high degree of soundproofing and thermal insulation.

Our shock-absorbing floors

: thanks to its reduced thickness of 20mm, it is the most suitable flooring for covering yards, walkways and surfaces in general that do not require fall absorption capacity (HIC).

: comes in various thicknesses (30-40-50 mm) to meet the shock absorption capacity required by playground safety areas. Polyshock is tested according to EN 1177:2018 + AC:2019

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anti-trauma flooring

Polyshock – Anti shock flooring

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