Radiator covers


Custom-made radiator covers for schools, kindergartens, hospitals and sports facilities

An idea patented by Codex in 1998

Radiator covers with all-round structure, without any edge made of non-toxic, shock-proof, anti-splinter and fire-retardant PVC tubular, assembled at high pressure for a tight connection designed to avoid manual opening of the components and the accumulation of dust, insects or bacteria.
Open structure composed of spaced vertical tubulars so as not to hinder the circulation of the hot air emitted by the radiant body.

All our protections for radiators are totally free of protuberances and metal elements to allow the hand to slide continuously on all its parts.
Our radiator cover models have been designed and studied specifically for installation in kindergartens, schools, sport halls and healthcare environments. The aim is to avoid unpleasant injuries caused by impacts against the radiant bodies which in many cases are made of cast iron and have various sharp-edged profiles.
Our products are made to measure and supplied already assembled, ready for easy fixing to the wall using the Super Clip brackets (supplied), which can only be opened by adults.

The Eurotermo radiator cover is by far the best-selling model, customizable in the colors of the tubes and connection joints to best match the surrounding furnishings and create very welcoming environments also from a chromatic point of view.

All our safety radiator covers are made in compliance with the following regulations:
UNI 10809:1999 (3.3 Uncrossability – 3.2 Scalability – 3.4 Gripability of the handrail, 4. Mechanical performance)
UNI 9177 fire reaction class

With the same plastic tubing we also create barriers, advertising supports/billboards for sports facilities and safety gates and fences to delimit areas from children’s access.

brackets for radiator covers

“Super Clip” brackets


Boxes and fences for children

convector covers, convector covers

Convector Radiator Cover

copritermosifone, radiator cover

Eurotermo radiator cover

Flash barrier

radiator covers, radiator covers, radiator covers

Happytermo radiator cover

cancelletti di sicurezza

Indoor and outdoor gates

radiator covers, radiator protection

Polytermo Light radiator cover