Gyms / Sports Arena

Protections for sports facilities and gyms

Our sports guards are ideal for application in facilities located in both outdoor and indoor spaces. We can provide standard or customized solutions to protect columns, walls, bleachers, barriers, support poles for tennis or volleyball nets, and any other hazardous support.

Maxionda and Onda are the most suitable materials as protectors for sports facilities and gyms, because their flexibility allows them to cover any element, even the most particular. Ideal in both indoor and outdoor spaces!

Both materials are tested according to UNI EN 913 Appendix C.

Drop height: 450 mm
Impact velocity: 2.97 m/sec
Data Sheet “

Drop height: 320 mm
Impact velocity: 2.50 m/sec
Data Sheet “

For protection of any dangerous edges, it is also recommended to use our soft EVA edge protectors: traditional edge protectors or Hot Dog.

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Ball trolley

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Barrier and grandstand protections

Basketball hoop anti-trauma protections

Basketball hoop anti-trauma protections

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Column pads for sports facilities

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Crossfit Floor

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Electric box protections

Hose reel protectors

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Maxionda 28mm wall padding