Protections for industries and occupational safety

Codex also cares about workplace safety, which is why it makes guards for industries of various kinds. Warehouses, logistics warehouses and equipment used in various production processes can pose hazards to workers. Our anti-trauma guards are ideal as impact liners for columns, walls, poles, bolts, electrical boxes, fire extinguishers, ladders, forklifts, etc.

Generally, the most commonly used materials for making guards for industries and logistics warehouses are Onda and Maxionda, as they are very flexible and impact-resistant. Through our guards it is possible to signal the presence of fixed or moving obstacles through the use of appropriate colors(yellow/black in the case of fixed obstacles-white/red in the case of moving obstacles).

Our 20 years of experience in the field, allows us to provide consultations to the client both from a technical and aesthetic point of view, even for tailor-made interventions.

base protections

Base protections

bolt protectors, sports protectors, formwork protectors, maxi column protectors

Bolt protectors

electrical box protectors

Electric box protections

external column protectors

External column protections

Fire and emergency ladder protections

Fire escape protections

fire extinguisher protectors, fire extinguisher impact protectors

Fire extinguisher protections

garage column protectors, garage protectors

Garage column protectors

Hose reel protectors