Impact protections and anti-shock floorings: ensuring the safety of children at school

The safety of children at school is an absolute priority. In addition to quality education, it is essential to create a safe and secure environment where children can learn and grow without risk. Safety protections and anti-shock flooring play a crucial role in this context, providing an important safety barrier against accidental injuries.

Play areas and schoolyards are vital spaces for the social, physical and cognitive development of children. However, these places can also be accident scenes, especially when children play energetically and lively. Even in corridors and classrooms, where children can run and fall, our corner guards and wall pads can make a difference.

Our safety protections can be of different types and be installed both inside and outside the school building to ensure a safe environment for children. Here are some examples:

  1. Anti-shock flooring: Placed under outdoor play equipment, such as swings, slides and towers. Polyshock absorbs impacts in the event of falls from a height, reducing the risk of injuries.
  2. Wall pads and corner protectors: Our soft impact protectors can be installed on the walls and corners of common spaces, such as corridors and classrooms, to protect students from accidental impacts during movements or in the event of falls.
  3. Radiator covers and fences: Structures made of completely non-toxic, shock-proof, splinter-proof and fire-retardant plastic material to be used as safety cover for radiators and to delimit certain areas from children’s access.
  4. Finger guards: finger protection systems have been preventing injuries by effectively reducing the risk of fingers becoming accidentally trapped between the door leaf and the frame.
leakage protectors 110

110° door finger guard

leakage protector

180° door finger guard

base protections

Base protections

playpen, safe play area

Children’s playpen

anti-trauma coatings for columns

Column antitrauma coatings

electrical box protectors

Electric box protections

copritermosifone, radiator cover

Eurotermo radiator cover

interlocking eva mats for children

EVA Mats (Polymat Light)