Indoor rubber flooring


Indoor rubber flooring for schools and gyms

Codex has been paying attention to the safety of children for almost 50 years. For this reason, over time it has also specialized in the production of indoor rubber flooring, ideal as carpets in play and sports areas. Our rubber tiles are made of Polymat® (EVA-based mixture), the new closed cell material that is totally non-toxic and pleasantly soft, exceptionally robust and notable for its elasticity. Polymat® is repellent to all substances, hygienic, anti-mold and easy to clean.

The EVA puzzle mats are self-laying and can be shaped on site simply using a cutter. Ideal for games and motor and psychomotor activities in complete safety and joy. EVA foam flooring is ideal for schools, nurseries, gyms and baby parks.

The practical 50 x 50 cm tile, easy to handle and connect, also allows the child to independently build a “path”. Furthermore, the bright colors (red, green, yellow, blue, orange and purple) give vent to a great imagination in the child.

Shockproof SBR rubber floorings for gyms

Crossfit 20mm and Sport Roll 10mm are ideal for installation in gyms, weight rooms and crossfit areas. They are made of SBR rubber tiles/rolls and have the capacity of cushioning impacts caused by the fall of equipments (weights) and avoid damage to the floor caused by machinery.

crossfit floor

Crossfit Floor

interlocking eva mats for children

EVA Mats (Polymat Light)

gioco della campana

Hopscotch game

Sport Roll