Accommodation Facilities

Accommodations in safety with our flooring and anti-trauma protection

If you are thinking of upgrading the green areas, children’s areas and sports facilities in your hospitality facility, our anti-trauma protections and flooring could be the solution to many problems related to protecting the safety of users.

Our Quadrio and Polyshock rubber flooring are ideal for covering larger or smaller areas outdoors (playgrounds, pool areas, multipurpose sports fields) and also indoors (fitness rooms) and are suitable for cushioning any falls from heights.

To prevent the occurrence of injuries resulting from accidental impacts against edges, protrusions, walls and columns of any shape, we suggest the use of Onda and Maxionda, rubber protectors that are soft, flexible and adaptable to any support.

base protections

Base protections

bolt protectors, sports protectors, formwork protectors, maxi column protectors

Bolt protectors

anti-trauma coatings for columns

Column antitrauma coatings

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Electric box protections

interlocking eva mats for children

EVA Mats (Polymat Light)

Fire and emergency ladder protections

Fire escape protections

non-slip ramps floor

Floor ramps

children's play areas, children's play malls

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