Safety pads for sport venues

Safety pads for sport venues and multipurpose indoor/outdoor fields

The sports environment, being dynamic and highly frequented, requires the presence of safety protections designed to prevent injuries caused by accidental impacts.

Onda 22mm and Maxionda 28mm are commonly used as safety pads for sport facilities and are available in the fire retardant version (for indoor) or non-toxic version for outdoor. The high flexibility makes them both suitable for covering any dangerous support, even large ones. With both materials it is possible to create posts protectors, protections for columns and beams, wall paddings and infinite other solutions suitable for solving any problem relating to the safety of sports environments.

The purpose of our impact protection is precisely to prevent unpleasant injuries and allow athletes (both adults and children) to train in complete safety.

The resistance to atmospheric agents and UV rays makes Onda and Maxionda also ideal for application in outdoor spaces and in any climatic condition.
Both materials are tested according to UNI EN 913 Appendix C with excellent results on shock absorption capacity as demonstrated in the following table:

UNI EN 913:2009 Ann.C UNI EN 913:2019 Ann.C
Drop height: 450 mm Drop height: 320 mm
Impact velocity: 2,97 m/sec Impact velocity: 2,50 m/sec
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