Basketball / Volleyball

Protections for basketball courts

Soft protectors for backboards and hoop supports, non-trauma coatings for walls and columns. The ideal materials for making basketball court guards are Onda (22mm thickness) and Maxionda (28mm thickness), both of which have been tested according to UNI EN 913 Appendix C.

Drop height: 450 mm
Impact velocity: 2.97 m/sec
Data Sheet “

Drop height: 320 mm
Impact velocity: 2.50 m/sec
Data Sheet “

Trauma guards are available in a non-toxic version for installation in outdoor fields or in a fireproof version for application in indoor fields and gyms. In addition, you can protect any dangerous edges or protrusions by using our soft corner guards.
Any intervention is tailor-made, studying the various possible solutions for securing the gymnasium.

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