Games – C’era una Volta Line

Giochi di una volta

The garden of old-fashioned games

First experimented with in New York City parks, these children’s toys were tested outdoors in the best possible theater, the city par excellence, free of the dangers of automobile traffic.

Codex believes in products where the baby can interact with the child, laugh, run and jump. Manufactures products where their thinking emerges. The games of yesteryear may be less beautiful than those of today, but the magic also lies in their unique simplicity. The data on youth addiction to computers and the like are disturbing. How many of the little ones today will know what the game of hide-and-seek is? What about blind fly?

Let’s continue to pass on our knowledge and also give new generations the lightheartedness of “games of yesteryear.”
Once upon a time IN – for interiors
Child-safe toys made of Polymat (E.V.A.). Non-toxic, durable, shockproof and easy to clean.
Bell game – Goose game – Bowling – Magic box – Bell – Four cantons
Once upon a time OUT – for outdoor
Child-safe toys made of Quadrio (SBR rubber granule). Durable, draining, soundproofing and non-slip.
Hopscotch game – Long jump – Four canton – Ford – Ring toss – Customizable tricycle track – Bowling – Trio – Triad

Four cantons

gioco della campana

Hopscotch game

hopscotch game outdoor

Hopscotch game (outdoor)

long jump children

Long jump

Show jumping

pista per tricicli

Tricycle track