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AAA tube

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Tubular used in the manufacture of all products: Polytermo Line, Gates, Box, Gigabox, Safety Tab Line.

It is fire retardant cl.1 plastic tubular made of non-toxic, Shockproof, Splinterproof PVC.

It proved to be the most suitable for the purpose in that:

Reaction to fire: originally already self-extinguishing class 0, mixed with other products it resulted in class 1 reaction to fire.

Non-toxicity: totally non-toxic, free of heavy metals and phthalates, used for drinking water pipelines and in food packaging or storage.

Shockproof: the right proportion of shock-absorbing components made our tubular elastic and shockproof but most of all chipproof (see pictures above), so even in the case of very violent impacts the tubular could ovalize but not break splintering and creating further danger.
Original certifications are attached, upon request, upon delivery of the product

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