Maxionda in accordance with UNI EN 913

Maxionda in accordance with UNI EN 913

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Shock-absorbing protection with high shock absorption capacity

Maxionda is our rubber (EVA) anti-trauma protection, featuring a special “longitudinal wave cannelloni” design, designed to ensure avery high ability to cushion violent impacts, even in particularly dynamic areas such as sports facilities, soccer fields, etc.

Its flexibility in the longitudinal direction makes it easily adaptable to the substrate to be protected. In fact, Maxionda is the ideal solution for securing walls, walls, columns, pillars and any other element that is dangerous.

Maxionda anti-trauma protection, is suitable for both outdoor and indoor installation.

Maxionda has passed the shock absorption capacity test according to UNI EN 913:2009 App. C made with penetrator released to a maximum drop height of 450 mm at a speed of 2.97 m/sec.

Dimensions:Standard 90×200 cm slabs with possibility of extension
Thickness:28 mm
Standard colors:White, yellow, orange, red, green, blue, light blue, gray, black
Drawing:Longitudinal wave tube width 30 mm.
Water absorption:None
Reaction to fire:Category III (non-toxic version) Class 1 (fire retardant version)
Weathering resistance:Very good
Fixing:Easy application to any surface (iron, wood, concrete, ceramics, etc.) with special Polycoll adhesive for both indoor and outdoor use or, for large areas, by means of Velcro adhesive.
Product tested:UNI EN 913:2009 Appendix C Drop height: 450 mm Impact velocity: 2.97 m/sec CSI Lab Test: 0086/ME/DPI/17

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