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It is a special soft compound based on closed-cell Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (E.V.A.) elastomer that is produced in both non-toxic and fire retardant versions. It has good shock absorption capacity, high strength and elasticity. Repellent to all substances, anti-mold and antibacterial. Especially suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Material that with its characteristics meets the need for safety protection in schools, sports facilities, hospitality facilities and high-traffic areas.

With Polymat® we produce “Dovetail” interlocking mats., with various thicknesses, suitable for indoor floor and wall covering. The surface of the carpet, which is slightly wrinkled but not abrasive, ensures thenon-slip effect.
With the same material, through appropriate processing, we have patented the“Polymat® line of protection and safety,” which includes:
L-shaped or U-shaped angles
– bumper strips
– window saves.
Available in versions: Polymat Light, Polymat Morbidone and Polymat Ignifugo.
Standard plate size:100×200 cm
Carpet dimensions:50×50 cm, 50×100 cm, 100×100 cm
Thickness:7.5 – 10 – 15 – 20 mm
Standard colors:Green, red, blue, yellow, orange, light blue, white, black, gray
Drawing:One side leather or corrugated – smooth backside
Water absorption:None
Reaction to fire:Category III to radiant plate UNI 9174 (non-toxic version) B fl – s 1 (fire retardant version)
Weathering resistance:Very good
Fixing:Easy application to any surface (iron, wood, concrete, ceramics, etc.) with special Polycoll adhesive for both indoor and outdoor use or, for large areas, by means of Velcro adhesive. In the case of carpets, fixing is immediate.
Cleaning:Easy to clean and maintain with water and normal detergents

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