Polyshock anti-trauma rubber granule flooring SBR

Polyshock anti-trauma rubber granule flooring SBR

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Polyshock is an outdoor anti-trauma floor consisting of self-locking, self-laying plates with dovetail joints.

Ideal for paving more or less large outdoor surfaces where fall protection is needed, such as a school and playground with play or sports equipment (slides, swings, castles, etc.).

Installation is easy and straightforward, as no adhesives or concrete substrates are required. The only basic requirement is that the subgrade be well leveled and compacted (even if grass or gravel).

The thickness of the flooring, ranging from 30 to 50mm, depends on the height of the eventual fall (HIC). Product tested according to EN 1177:2018 + AC:2019.


Plate size:105×105 cm (100 cm wheelbase) – 52.5×105 cm
Thickness:Variable depending on the height of the fall. HIC 1.14 mt – thickness 30 mm HIC 1.20 mt – thickness 40 mm HIC 1.51 mt – thickness 50 mm Polyshock is tested according to EN 1177:2018 + AC:2019.
Standard colors:Brick red, green, light blue, gray, black
Features:Anti-shock, draining, soundproofing, non-slip
Painting:Lines can be drawn and traced on the plates with special white or colored two-component paint.
Fixing:It does not require adhesives. The unique dovetail profile ensures a total connection across the entire plate profile and allows laying with just the use of fingers.
Maintenance:The plates require no special maintenance. A biannual treatment of Long Life, a protective spray-applied paint, is recommended (to increase durability).

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