Wall Mat Wall Protection

Wall Mat Wall Protection

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Wall Mat is an anti-trauma protection made of cross-linked Polyethylene foam coated on the visible side with scratch-resistant and washable PVC.

The material has excellent shock-absorbing capacity and is particularly suitable for wall coverings of sports facilities, compulsory schools, and large walls in general.
The fire retardant characteristic (Cl. 1) makes Wall Mat suitable for indoor installations.

In addition, it is easily matched with Wave, where in addition to walls, it is necessary to cover columns, poles or other hazards that require more flexibility to the material.

Tested according to UNI EN 913 Appendix C.
Original certifications are attached upon request when the product is delivered.

Plate dimensions:130 x 200 cm
Thickness:22 mm
Standard colors:Blue Red
Finish:Faux leather
Water absorption:None
Reaction to fire:Fire Retardant Class 1
Weathering resistance:Good
Fixing:Easy application to any surface (iron, wood, concrete, ceramic, etc.) with special Polycoll adhesive.
Cleaning:Easy to clean and maintain with water and normal detergents

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