Eurotermo radiator cover

Eurotermo radiator cover

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ADAPTED TO: Radiator covers, School, School Protections

Eurotermo is a safety radiator cover made of non-toxic, shockproof, anti-splinter plastic tubular. , particularly suitable in schools, elementary schools and indoor sports facilities.

The Eurotermo radiator cover is the ideal solution for securing radiators and preventing unpleasant injuries caused by accidental impacts against them.

Our radiator covers are completely made-to-measure, adapting the structure in case of niches, protruding pipes or wall peculiarities. Eurotermo heaters safety protections are supplied already assembled, ready for easy wall mounting using double-security brackets that can be opened only by adults.

It is characterized by an all-round structure, without any edges, free of protuberances and metal elements to allow the hand to slide continuously on all its parts. Components are assembled under high pressure for tight connection to avoid manual opening of components and nesting of dust, insects or bacteria.

Eurotermo is tested in accordance to:
UNI 10809:1999 (3.3 Uncrossability – 3.2 Scalability – 3.4 Gripability of the handrail, 4. Mechanical performance)
UNI 9177 for the fire reaction class

Material:AAA Plastic Tubular (Nontoxic, Shockproof, Chipproof)
Outer structure diameter:50 mm
Exterior structure colors:White, blue, yellow
Internal vertical diameter:30 mm
Interior vertical colors:White, yellow, orange, red, light blue, blue, green
Certifications:In accordance with UNI 10809:1999 3.2 Scalability 3.3 Intractability 3.4 Handrail Impugnability 4. Mechanical performance
Shock absorption:In accordance with EN 1177:1997 +A1 shock absorption

Custom-made radiator cover, the original!

Codex has always paid attention to the problems and suggestions highlighted by teachers in the field of safety, drawing inspiration from them to study and work out the solution to the problem, and making original products that do not exist in the market.

Such is the case with the Eurotermo radiator cover , a safety cover for radiators patented in 1998 and designed to ensure safety in kindergartens, preschools, playgrounds and sports facilities.

Compared with the models studied in previous years (Polytermo Light, Polytermo Basic), the soft spacers were eliminated and replaced with another spacer, which had the function of preventing enlargement of the vertical elements, which over 70 cm in length tend to flex.

The new solution, designed and patented by us, was a rigid perforated spacer called “Stopper” with a diameter of 50 mm, inserted when the height of vertical pipes exceeds 80 cm, resulting in a stronger model.

Our radiator covers are made of non-toxic, fireproof cl.1, shockproof and chipproof plastic tubing.
Unlike other screen covers on the market, our tubular also withstands the hammer test: it deforms but does not break.

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