School Protections

School and kindergarten protections: anti-trauma and non-slip
Codex is able to provide endless solutions to solve any problem inherent in the safety of indoor and outdoor spaces of accommodation facilities such as schools , kindergartens, institutes but also canteens, gyms, playgrounds, gardens. The high quality of the products, all of which are standardized and patented, ensures safe and highly effective multifunctional protections: radiator covers, corner guards, eva mats, etc.

Codex designs, implements, and manufactures both standard and customized solutions for specific, solution-focused interventions to address hazards in various high-traffic environments.
Codex technicians and distributors are able to suggest suitable solutions for all needs and are at your complete disposal for consultations, free estimates and after-sales assistance.

leakage protectors 110

110° door finger guard

leakage protector

180° door finger guard

base protections

Base protections

playpen, safe play area

Children’s playpen

anti-trauma coatings for columns

Column antitrauma coatings

electrical box protectors

Electric box protections

copritermosifone, radiator cover

Eurotermo radiator cover

interlocking eva mats for children

EVA Mats (Polymat Light)