Ideal for schools, kindergartens, gyms and health care environments.

PVC Radiator guards

The numerous safety researches carried out in school environments over our many years of activity enabled us to design and patent the first protective radiator covers (in 1998), which were later adopted also in gyms, health care and rehabilitation environments. Our radiator guards are custom-made using non-toxic, shockproof, chipproof and Cl.1 fireproof plastic tubing.

is by far the best-selling Radiator guards, customizable in pipe and fitting colors to best match surrounding furnishings.

Product made in accordance:
– to the UNI 10809:1999 standard 3.3 Intractability-3.2 Scalability-3.4 Handrail Impugnability, 4. Mechanical performance
– to standard UNI 9177 fire reaction class

With the same structure, we make barriers, safety gates and fences to demarcate areas from children’s access.

copritermosifone, radiator cover


The non-toxic feature makes the radiator guards particularly suitable for school environments.


The plastic tubular we use is chip-resistant and is ristulted resistant to the hammer test.


The purpose of the heat covers is to protect children from impacts against radiators or fancoils.


Manufactured in accordance with UNI 10809:1999, which establishes the characteristics of railings, balustrades.

Features of our radiator guards

An all-round, no-edge structure made of rigid, non-toxic, shockproof, chipproof and fireproof CL.1. plastic tubing, assembled under high pressure for tight connection to prevent manual opening of components and nesting of dust, insects or bacteria.
In addition, the open structure with spaced elements does not hinder the circulation of hot air emitted from the radiating body.

With the same material used for the radiator guards, we also make child safety gates, which are ideal for demarcating the entrance to certain areas/stairs. Both products are supplied custom-made, ready for installation.

Iron reinforcement

Elements longer than 140cm are equipped inside with a metal core of appropriate thickness and diameter, which is kept constantly spaced from the outer surface of the pipe so as not to compromise the PVC’s flexibility and its shockproof characteristic.

To contain the elasticity of the tubular and to avoid tube widening, we designed and patented a spacer called “Stopper”. In fact, the UNI 10809-3.3 standard states, “Railings, balustrades or parapets must be in passable at any point by a sphere 10cm in diameter.”

The fixing of the radiator cover to the wall is done by means of a double-security bracket (“Super Clip”), patented by us, equipped with a double hooking tooth with a safety function in case the first tooth is inadvertently released. In this way, the brackets can only be opened by adults.

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For more than 40 years, we have been attentive to the safety of all environments,
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