Security radiator covers, a Codex patent since 1998


Codex has been in the educational field for more than 45 years, producing original teaching and safety materials in the preschool and compulsory school setting. Researching solutions for new problems, involves expenditure of money and energy, ideating is much more difficult than copying! Codex-accredited products and patents bear witness to our work.

As for the originality of the products , we have always paid attention to the problems and suggestions pointed out by teachers and school workers, drawing inspiration from them to study and work out the solution of the problem. It was in this way that the first radiator covers, designed to prevent impacts against predominantly cast-iron radiators, were born in 1998.


Logically, the first step was to research and analyze the products offered by technology, suitable for the environment for which they were intended, taking into consideration that the structure had to be sturdy, shockproof, non-toxic, fireproof, not excessively expensive, of pleasant color appearance, and customizable.

We considered several materials, such as wood, aluminum, Polyethylene, and Polycarbonate, but all were discarded because they had unsuitable characteristics for use, such as:

  • Presence of edges that did not allow shock absorption;
  • treatments required to make the material flame retardant that compromised its nontoxicity;
  • Risk of splintering or tearing the material.

At the end of our research, the PVC A.A.A. (nontoxic, shockproof, chipproof) proved to be the most suitable for the production of radiator covers since it is originally already self-extinguishing in class 0, does not feed flame, non-toxic, used for drinking water pipelines and in food packaging or preservation. With addition of rubber it becomes elastic and shockproof.

It was just a matter of containing the elasticity of the material in such a way as to avoid tube widening. In fact, the UNI 10809 – 3.3 standard states, “Railings, balustrades or parapets must be in traversable at any point by a sphere 100mm in diameter.” We have therefore designed and patented suitable spacers appropriate for each model, such as the case of the “Stopper” in the Eurotermo model.



  1. The range of colors of both pipes and fittings allows for a considerable possibility of alternating colors.
  2. To ensure a precise connection, with no gaps between the elements, an internally calibrated pipe with a minimum thickness of 2mm was designed, and a mold was made to produce perfectly sized fittings so that there would be no unevenness between pipe and fitting but a Continuous and smooth surface such that the hand can glide smoothly. (Standard UNI 10809 – 3.4 handrail gripability)
  3. Elements longer than 140cm are equipped inside with ametal core of appropriate thickness and diameter, which is kept constantly spaced from the outer surface of the pipe so as not to compromise the PVC’s flexibility and shockproof characteristic.
  4. It is attached to the wall by means of a double-security bracket (“Super Clip”), patented by us, equipped with a double hooking tooth with a safety function in case the first tooth is inadvertently released.
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