Securing municipal sports facilities in Rome

Municipality of Rome – anti-trauma protections for basketball courts and multipurpose fields

Following the contract awarded last September to our company, the maintenance workers of the City of Rome (Environmental Protection Department) have begun the installations of anti-trauma protections in sports facilities owned by the municipality.

The contract provided for the supply of a large quantity of Onda anti-trauma panels sp.22mm in various colors, tested according to UNI EN 913:2019 for excellent shock absorption capacity and UNI EN 71 certified for the non-toxicity of the material they are made of (Polymat E.V.A.).

In fact, the special wave section (unlike classic smooth/flat guards) allows the shock to be distributed, cushioning its power, vertically but also diagonally (see image).

cushioning effect

The panels will be installed in the various multipurpose sports facilities to prevent injuries caused by accidental impacts against blunt elements, poles, walls and edges in general. In dynamic environments such as sports, it is essential that athletes can train safely!

After the delivery was completed, municipal technicians were assisted and trained by our installation team so that they could organize and carry out the installation work completely independently.

Coatings for posts, curbs and walls.

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