Column pads for sports facilities

Column pads for sports facilities

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ADAPTED TO: Athletics, Basketball / Volleyball, Column and post protectors, Futsal, Gyms / Sports Arena, Safety paddings, Safety pads for sport venues

Onda (thickness 22mm) and Maxionda (thickness 28mm) are two protective pads ideal for covering columns and pillars in indoor and outdoor sports facilities. They are available in the non-toxic version (for outdoors) or in the Cl.1 fire retardant version (for indoors) for the entire range of colours.

Our column pads can be supplied already cut to size and ready for installation or in standard size sheets (size 100×200 cm / 90×200 cm) to be shaped on site with the simple use of a cutter and our contact glue “Polycoll”.

Onda and Maxionda, thanks to their high flexibility, are able to adapt to supports of any shape (square, round, irregular) and can be installed on any material (iron, concrete, wood, glass, plastic, plasterboard, etc.).

Prodotto:Onda (spessore 22mm), Maxionda (spessore 28mm)
Colori standard:Bianco, giallo, arancione, rosso, verde, blu, azzurro, grigio, nero
Versioni disponibili:Atossica (per esterno), ignifuga Cl.1 (per interno)

Column pads and pole pads for sports facilities

Columns, pillars, poles, cables and other structures and protrusions may seem harmless elements, but in sports facilities and gyms, highly frequented environments characterized by a particular dynamism, they can instead represent a danger for athletes and the children who frequent them.

Our Onda and Maxionda soft column pads have been specifically designed and patented to prevent unpleasant injuries caused by accidental impacts against protruding elements.

Maxionda impact protectors represent the best protection for columns of all shapes and sizes in the sports field. Maxionda, in fact, is tested in accordance with UNI EN 913:2009 appendix C for its shock absorption capacity and, despite its reduced thickness of only 28mm, it is even more performing than foam rubber protections (or other materials) with higher thickness and consequently much bulkier. Read more about the absorption capacity of our anti-trauma protections at this link.

Thanks to its great versatility, Maxionda is able to adapt itself to any type of support, making installation quick and easy.

A cheaper but still very high-performance alternative from the point of view of shock absorption capacity is our Onda, a safety protection similar to Maxionda but with a thickness reduced to 22mm.

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