Wall protections

Wall protections

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ADAPTED TO: Basketball / Volleyball, Football / Futsal, Futsal, Gyms / Sports Arena, Privates, Safety paddings, Safety pads for sport venues, Tennis / Padel

Wall protections for sports facilities, extremely flexible and adaptable to any surface. The purpose of our protections is to prevent accidents caused by impacts against walls placed next to the boundary lines of the field and to allow athletes to play and train in complete safety.

Our wall protections are patented, certified and tested in accordance with UNI EN 913 for shock absorption capacity (as required by the main sports federations for field approval).

Through the use of our Onda and Maxionda sheets, we guarantee the safety of any sports facility. With both products it is possible to create soft wall protections and coverings of any other dangerous element (poles, fences, columns, etc.).

Wall protections for the safety of athletes

Onda and Maxionda are products suitable as wall protections and as curbs and low wall protections, both in external and internal environments. Both products are very flexible and adaptable to any support and surface (wood, concrete, glass, iron, etc.).

For indoor environments (schools, gyms, sports halls, etc.) it is necessary to use certified Cl.1 fire retardant version, while in outdoor environments we recommend using protections in the non-toxic version. Our safety protections for walls do not absorb water/liquids, they are resistant to atmospheric agents, UV rays and temperature changes.

Onda and Maxionda are the best solution for securing sports facilities, school and healthcare environments as they have a unique shock absorption capacity. Ideal for covering not only walls but also poles and pillars, curbs, benches and sports equipment. Both products are certified according to UNI EN 913.

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