Protezioni campi da calcetto

Soccer field protections

Our rubber shock protectors are ideal in any environment where the probability of impact is high. In particular, sports facilities need security measures, whether they are in outdoor areas or inside gyms or marquees.

Near the play areas there are usually poles, low walls, walls or dangerous elements in general that it is necessary to cover with our soft rubber guards (E.V.A.).

Here you can find all our solutions for soccer field protections, custom-made and designed according to the specific needs of the customer.

athletes bench protectors

Athlete bench protections

antitrauma protections columns sports facilities, column pads

Column pads for sports facilities

manhole protectors

Manhole protectors

wall protections, wall protections, design protections codex ltd.

Maxionda 28mm wall padding

pillar coatings

Pillar coatings

fence guards

Protections for fences and nets

sports facilities pole protections

Protections for poles

Protections for tensile structures