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UNI EN 913 App.C standard for shock absorption

Knowing how to read the results of tests conducted according to UNI EN 913 App.C is essential, as all or almost all protective materials can be tested, despite their low effectiveness.

New funding for school construction

More than five billion for the construction and securing of kindergartens and preschools, building innovative and inclusive schools, increasing canteens, upgrading gymnasiums, and upgrading the school building stock.

Securing municipal sports facilities in Rome

Following the contract awarded last September to our company, the maintenance workers of the City of Rome (Environmental Protection Department) have begun the installations of anti-trauma protections in sports facilities owned by the municipality.

Fashion chooses the design of Onda protectors

Our Onda shock protectors were recently featured in the set-up of the new Just Don showroom, a well-known American sportswear brand. In a single day, we took care of the production, machining and installation of the protectors in Milan.