UNI EN 913 App.C standard for shock absorption

Determination of shock-absorption capacity of trauma protectors

When in 2010, the Italian Basketball Federation (FIP) implemented the UNI EN 913 standard on general safety requirements and test methods for all types of sports equipment, Codex immediately provided for testing on Maxionda.
Just as a result of performing the test, we realized how important it is to be able to read the results, as all or almost all materials can be tested according to UNI EN 913 App. C.
In fact, the standard gives only one limit, which is the maximum deceleration value (500 m/s²) that must not be exceeded.
Assuming this, the test operator adjusts the release height of the indenter until the performance required by the standard is achieved. As a result, the higher the fall height, the more effective the protection.


UNI EN 913:2009 APP.C UNI EN 913:2019 APP.C
Drop height: 450 mm Drop height: 320 mm
Impact velocity: 2.97 m/sec Impact velocity: 2.50 m/sec
Data Sheet “ Data Sheet “

Why the wavy design of Onda and Maxionda.

The test performed according to the UNI EN 913 App.C standard offered us the opportunity to grasp an aspect that characterizes our shock protectors and whose importance we had not realized: the wavy design.
The first test had been carried out (mistakenly) on the smooth side of the material, and once repeated on the correct side, the results showed a significantly better performance than the previous test. The drop height was 34% higher, from 30cm to 45cm.
From this it can be seen that the special curved wave section (unlike the classic smooth/flat guards) does, in fact, allow the shock to be distributed, cushioning its power, vertically but also diagonally (see image). Cushioning effect

Cushioning effect of Onda and Maxionda.


Real experiments and effectiveness of protections

In addition to the laboratory test, which is often difficult to interpret anyway, we had the opportunity to actually test the results obtained.

In fact, a few days after installing the Maxionda protection on the low wall of a soccer field (among the most dangerous obstacles), during a game between 14/15 year old boys, one of the athletes fell and hit first with his shoulder and then with his head on the low wall, and was left on the ground.
Dead silence in the stands, except for a scream of despair from the mother who was watching… After a few seconds, the young man got up and continued playing, ending the game without injury or physical consequences.
Probably, if there had not been proper protection installed on the low wall, the outcome would not have been the same, as unfortunately often happens.

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