Onda 22mm wall pads

Onda 22mm wall pads

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ADAPTED TO: Column and post protectors, Football / Futsal, Gyms / Sports Arena, Safety paddings, Safety pads for sport venues, Wall pads

Onda impact protectors are made of resistant and flexible material, which thanks to its particular wave section allows the impact to be distributed, cushioning its power, vertically but also diagonally.

Onda soft pads (standard size 100 x 200cm) are 22mm thick and are ideal for covering walls located in highly frequented spaces, such as gyms, multipurpose sports facilities, schools and health care environments.

The product can be supplied in sheets or cut to size, ready for installation. Onda is suitable for both indoor (fire retardant version) and outdoor (non-toxic version) environments.

Onda is tested according to UNI EN 913:2019 Appendix C.

Product:Onda (Polymat® E.V.A.)
Thickness:22 mm
Standard colors:White, yellow, orange, red, green, blue, light blue, gray, black
Reaction to fire:Category III (non-toxic version), Class 1 (fire retardant version)
Shock absorption:Certified according to UNI EN 913:2019 Ann. C (drop height: 320 mm – impact speed: 2,50 m/sec)

Onda safety wall pads: minimum thickness and excellent performance

Onda sheets, safety paddings made of Polymat® (E.V.A.) are ideal as wall pads and soft protector for edges and columns (even large ones) located in both internal and external spaces like football fields, gyms, nursery schools, healthcare facilities and industrial warehouses. From the standard sheet (size 100×200 cm) it is possible to obtain strips or corner guards with an “L” or “U” internal section or with a customized section depending on the edge that need to be protected.

The sheets are extremely flexible and can be shaped on site, during installation, with the use of a cutter. Installation is simple and long-lasting using our Polycoll contact adhesive, ideal for closed cell foams such as EVA.

The purpose of installing safety protections is to prevent unpleasant accidents and minimize the risk of injury by covering the elements against which it is possible to hit.
The material is tested and certified In accordance with UNI EN 913:2019 Ann. C and meets all requirements for installation in sports environments.
This regulation establishes the shock absorption capacity of the material through a test that involves the release of a special weight from above. The result of our Onda sheets is: drop height=320 mm and impact speed=2.50 m/sec.

Our Onda safety protection, while being thinner and cheaper than the Maxionda, still maintains an excellent shock-absorbing capacity, which is even higher in comparison with other materials on the market (foam rubber, polyethylene foam, etc.).


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