Protections for poles

Protections for poles

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ADAPTED TO: Football / Futsal, Futsal, Safety pads for sport venues

Shockproof protections for sports facility poles made of Onda or Maxionda. With our soft coatings we can protect poles of any size and diameter, from the thinnest cable to the pillar.

Installation is suitable for both outdoor sports fields and indoor gyms as the materials resist weathering.
For indoor applications, Onda and Maxionda are made of Class 1 fireproof material.

Our pole impact protectors are tested according to UNI EN 913:2019.

Our technical department, starting with the exact dimensions of the pole, will make a custom-made and ready-to-glue protection.

Rubber protectors for poles

Onda e Maxionda are suitable materials for making sports facility pole protectors . Both are very flexible and adaptable to any substrate and surface. Ideal for soccer and soccer fields, tennis courts, volleyball, basketball.

Installation is possible both indoors and outdoors. For interiors, Class 1 fireproof material is required, while in outdoor environments we recommend the use of non-toxic material.
Our anti-trauma pole protectors do not absorb water, are weatherproof and UV-resistant.
The recommended outdoor colors are blue, green, gray, and black, which do not undergo color variations.

Onda and Maxionda are the best solution for securing gyms and sports facilities in general. Ideal for protecting not only poles but also walls, walls, benches, sports equipment. Patented and Certified in accordance with UNI EN 913:2019 App. C For shock-absorbing capacity.

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