Column and post protectors


Safety paddings for columns and post protectors

Onda (22 mm thick) and Maxionda (28 mm thick) are the best custom-made impact protections, ideal as paddings for columns and post protectors of any size and diameter. The particular round wave section that characterizes both products allows the impact to be distributed between the various lateral concave spaces, both vertically and diagonally, cushioning the power of the impact.

In very dynamic environments where the probability of impact is very high (e.g. sports facilities and schools), we recommend installing the most performing protection from the point of view of shock absorption capacity, the 28mm thick Maxionda.
Despite this, Onda 22mm is also certified in accordance to UNI EN 913:2019 App.C and is very effective for securing any environment: sports facilities, schools, logistics warehouses, hospital departments, etc.

Both materials are made of Polymat® (EVA-based compound) and are available in the non-toxic (for outdoor) or fireproof (for indoor) versions. Their flexibility allows you to create enveloping or partial protections for columns and posts.

Ensuring the safety of users through the protection of dangerous elements means preventing unpleasant accidents and injuries in the event of impact against them.

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