Flooring for gyms


Flooring for gyms, crossfit and martial arts

Codex also provides flooring for gyms, crossfit and martial arts rooms. The purpose of sports flooring is to avoid damage to the original floors, such as scratches or dents caused by machinery equipment or by the weights, especially during Crossfit activities.

For this purpose we offer two products:

  • Crossfit 20mm was designed starting from the Quadrio. It is composed of self-locking tiles with dovetail joints which allow to cushion impacts from objects falling from above and avoid damage to the floor below.
  • Sport Roll 10mm, on the other hand, is a flooring that comes in a roll, ideal for gym rooms with fitness machines. From the roll it is also possible to obtain mats in 100x100cm size with dovetail joint.

The SBR recycled rubber (resulting from end-of-life tyres), used in both products, make our products durable and resistant over time, even in the case of constant foot traffic.
Both products require easy and immediate installation, without the use of adhesives.

crossfit floor

Crossfit Floor

Sport Roll