Foam mats for kids


Interlocking foam mats for kids

Our history began about 50 years ago with the production of educational materials and toys for psychomotor activities. The continuous dialogue with teachers and parents highlighted, among other things, a specific need relating to the safety of children in schools and nurseries: fabrics and persian carpets caused allergies and had to be replaced.

For this purpose, in 1992 we studied and developed a totally non-toxic E.V.A.-based mixture, which we called Polymat®.

With this material we created the first foam mats for kids. The particular self-locking “dovetail” joint guarantees easy, fast and solid anchoring between the tiles, which are compatible with each other even in different sizes. Furthermore, the surface of the carpet, slightly corrugated, guarantees the anti-slip effect. Polymat puzzle mats can be used both on the floor and on the wall as a wall pad.

Codex believes in products where the child can interact with other children, laugh, run and jump. And this is why we wanted to create a line of traditional games in our interlocking mats for indoor.

interlocking eva mats for children

EVA Mats (Polymat Light)

gioco della campana

Hopscotch game