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Protective wall pads

We design, supply and install safety wall pads commonly used in indoor and outdoor sports facilities (soccer fields, gyms, multipurpose facilities), schools and kindergartens, hospitals, rooms for disabled people, nursing homes and more.

Onda 22mm and Maxionda 28mm are our Polymat® (E.V.A. foam) safety paddings with high flexibility and strength. They can be installed on any surface (iron, wood, concrete, ceramic, stone) both indoors and outdoors and are ideal for covering even large walls due to the possibility of joining one panel to another. Easily shaped even on site with the help of a professional cutter.

Wall Mat is a protective panel made of cross-linked Polyethylene foam, coated on the visible side with scratch-resistant and washable PVC. The fire-resistance capacity (fire retardant Cl.1) makes it suitable as indoor wall padding.

All materials used as wall protection have certifications and are tested in accordance to UNI EN 913 App. C with the results highlighted in the table below. Maxionda is the product with the highest shock absorption capacity.

UNI EN 913:2009 APP.C UNI EN 913:2019 APP.C UNI EN 913:2009 APP.C
Drop height: 450 mm Drop height: 320 mm Drop height: 200 mm
Impact speed: 2,97 m/sec Impact speed: 2,50 m/sec Impact speed: 1,87 m/sec
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Maxionda 28mm wall padding

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